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The revolution in colour and the evolution of tinting systems is well underway and as with most trends in our world today it is moving at an increasing pace thanks to the revolution in communication and information.

Traditional paint manufacture involves the direct milling or dispersing of coloured pigments to obtain coloured paint. This specialised, time consuming, costly and inflexible process has its limitations in a fast paced new world where, speed, flexibility and cost are needed.

Pigment dispersions are the next step in this evolution of tinting. These pre-dispersed pigment concentrates are easier to disperse and offer  greater in plant flexibility and improved efficiencies resulting in cost efficiency. However with an increasing and continually changing demand for colours come increased stock levels and added supply chain pressure, customer service challenges and increased cost.

The answer of course is to move the tinting or customisation of the colour as it were further down the supply chain and into the Point of Sale. This is achieved with point of sale colourants, designed to be added as a last step to meet the customers requirement for a unique colour delivered immediately. Although colourants are the key ingredient in the POS tinting system, it is the integrated nature of the colour merchandise, software, tinting equipment and the colourants that eventually deliver tinted paint.

The POS tinting system continues to be so successful because it has clear benefits for the paint producer, the paint retailer and the end consumer. The producer reduces complexity, inventories and supply chain costs while simultaneously increasing service levels. The retailer also reduces inventories, increases service levels and provides a value added service that builds customer loyalty. The end user benefits with a freedom of choice with immediate availability.  

Advances in computer and tinting equipment technology are supporting this revolution. Mature paint markets have shown that POS tinting is the business model of choice with over 80 % of coloured paint being produced this way.

Over 20 years ago we had a vision of how paint should be made, today we still believe firmly that someday all paint will be made this way.

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