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Colour Management software systems

At Kansai Colourants we utilise a variety of colour management software packages including Largo Synergy M3 a new generation of software for match prediction, X-rite Database Software and Colibri ColorMatch – for colour matching and prediction of colour and opacity in different applications and on a variety of substrates.

Colour management software comprise of 2 main components consisting of:
Colour formulation in the form of Largo Match and Recipe handling for POS or production in the form of Largo Tint software.

Colour formulation

The combination of our experience in colour prediction and matching together with advanced software systems allows us to produce highly accurate and repeatable colour formulation databases. The colour calibration data for colorants and base paint and selected database formulating parameters, is the base for all tint recipe formulating match prediction. Largo Synergy M3 has increased the functionality for how to prepare the colour calibration database to provide cost efficiency in production and recipe management from lab to Point-Of-Sale. With the latest  mathematical approach we can provide recipes that are not only accurate but reduce production cost and optimize your formulations.

Tinting recipe handling

The tinting recipe software is for recipe handling and tinting machine control for retailer, production and laboratory use. Typical functions of this software are as follows: