Xeracolour Zero VOC®

Xeracolour Zero VOC® is a high performance formaldehyde and APE/APEO free universal colourant which comply with strictest EU VOC regulations and EU Biocide directives. These colourants have been developed with the latest technology to provide paint manufacturers with colourants that have a wide compatibility in water-based and solvent-based decorative paint technologies while having a minimal impact on paint properties.

Xeracolour Zero VOC® Colourants have been specifically formulated to include a selection of organic and inorganic pigments providing for a system suitable for either interior or high performance exterior durability

Xeracolour Zero VOC Colourants are tightly controlled giving customers a controlled combination of colourants for optimal tinting.

Xeracolour Zero VOC® colourants have been developed as a Zero VOC drop-in to Xeracolour®.

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