Kansai Colourants offer a wide range of conventional universal, water based, Zero VOC and solvent based colourant dispersions for all areas of tinting required by paint manufacturers.  Our colourants are sold under the Xeracolour®, Xerasperse®, Xeraqua®, Xerasolve® and Xeraduce® brands.  All colourants are controlled to our high standards which provide our customers with the confidence of reproducibility in their tinting systems.

Point of Sale Colourants

Kansai Colourants offers a total tinting solution for the POS market which is supported by our merchandising offering which includes fandecks, take home colour cards, in-store display stands as well as a colour visualizer which can be customised to include customers own logo.

Our universal POS colourants are available in the following ranges:

Coloured Bricks

In-Plant Colourants

Kansai colourants offer a wide selection of colourants to meet a variety of in-plant applications which include:

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Paint Tins

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